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Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh KTM komuter....

Otw back from class, as usual selisih and ternampak people, cars, busses etc.... suddenly dis story came across my mind - kejadian at UKM komuter. (kenapa entah, tiba2 teringat)

it was the day dat i want to go back to my hometown. i was queueing and wait for my turn at the ticket counter. ok, it's my turn....

me : bandar tasik selatan 1
(while hulurkan rm3a to the ticket seller)

ticket seller : takde syiling?
(the ticket price is rm2.40)

me : sorry takde....
(betul, mmg xde syiling with me during dat time)

ticket seller : pergi tukar dulu!
(pehal lak nak hangin ngan aku?!)
me : takpe la, kasi je 20sen tu (sambil pointed to 20sen yang ade kat atas meja kaunter tu)

ticket seller : habis tu orang lain tak nak duit tu?!
(laaa....pe kes lak dia ni? da aku datang dulu)
me : ok takpe, keep the change (malas aku layan makhluk kurang sopan neh!)

ticket seller : mane boleh! pergi tukar dlu!
(lu memang !@#$%&* la mat! xpuas hati ngn gua cakap depan2 r!)
so i just go and get the change from kedai runcit next door. bengang gile at the makhluk perosak mood org tu!
nak tak nak, i have to queue up again. for dat 2nd time, aku x pandang & x cakap anything kat kaunter tu melainkan kasi rm2.40. terus bla.

for those yang mengenali makhluk penjual tiket tu, please tell him that i wont forgive him selagi dia x ask for forgiveness.

nama :
Mohd Khairul
tempat : kaunter tiket komuter UKM
tarikh : 4 julai 2009
masa : +/- 11am
moral : bersopan santun amalan mulia....

peace out

Thursday, July 23, 2009

STRESSing-everywhere Now Had Gone

i can smell a bit LEGA (+ birds chipping & derauan ombak....hehe) for myself, though it seems to move slowwwieee....

last friday, i got presentation for my practical training....in front of???? Dr K.... (sorry guys, i need to keep her name as a secret here,but im 100% sure all microb students must know her) lalalala "syoknye"! any microb student dat have no fear to her, i'll belanja for lunch at kafe fst. heheh.

last 2 days (tuesday) was the due date to submit my practical training report. i dunno dis might be biase je for others, but for me - making up a 34 pages of report (excluding index,apendix blabla) was like not the real me putting up lots of efforts into it.
*credit to kak Adlina (my senior) for the copies of her previous report.... tq kak! hehe
during that tues, it was raining from am to pm. gile ah! must submit the report, got briefing at library, got class from 4-10pm (rest 1 hour at 7).
*lalalalala - alip, kau r superman, ultraman, sailormoon (uh?)....(jz to pujuk myself)
after all the classes, need to meet Beckham for discussion bout our thesis presentation for the next day. i came back to my room at around 2.30 am. ( i guess no need to tell how seram the journey from zaaba to KIY at dat very "mute" time. wheeeeeeeew~~~~ )

yesterday (wednesday),
- the presentation for our thesis proposal supposely at 9am, & the best part - i woke up at 8.50am! gagagaga~ wtf! i reached at the seminar room at 9.15am wif a smile - to cover up my lewatness & muke x mandi. hehe.... but still okay, other people cant see my muke x mandi bcoz i was like segar dat morning bcoz of enuff sleep time. plus i wangiiii.... hehe
BUT.... Dr K (again.... *Luckily she's my supervisor for my thesis project* lalalala lagi) was not satisfied with our presentation. she said we've missunderstood bout our project title. duhhhhh.... ive spent my time sitting in library day n nite - searching for infos & blabla - but seemed like useless dat morning. Beckham - my partner - looked soooo stress dat morning. she had put up lots of efforts, for her project & helped me much for mine too.... be strong Beckham!

- after the presentation, got 1 hour lecture. finished up the lecture, i was like berlari-lari kegirangan to go back to my room. the feeling during dat time is like my room = istana. stepping in into my room, change my shirt, solat (jgn lupa!) and.... i look at my bed - it suddenly looks very gorgeous & marvellous. haha. i terus jump on my bed & sleep like x sedar diri! i woke up at 6pm untill my head felt dizzy bcoz of too much sleep. the bad part is i got fever till today.
*doktor2 dtg membantu.... A-ayam, B-batu, C-campur (it's my childhood song)

- during the nite, my girlfrenssss asked for a movie - with intention to relased out my stress. we went to alamanda last nite for a midnite show - harry potter. on the way heading to the cinema, we all lepak2 for dinner. i gatal ordered for a cup of teh halia. perghhhhh.... guess wat happen towards my sexy tummy during the show? i was guling2-look-alike for about 30mins outside of the cinema hall. gile ah! there goes my rm12 flying around the hall's ceiling.... (come back! come back my rm12!). the intention to released out my stress dat nite seemed like failed but at least my girlfrenssss looked care for me. thankyous! the best part is when the lights switched on after the show ended, there are my other frens (faiq, wan n cheng) sitting at the front row. yang paling x tahan, faiq shouted "eh, alip!" sesuka hati with the high volume & pitch from his mouth. malu aku - jadi perhatian for a momment in dat hall.
opened up my room's door at 3.30am, my rum8 enjoyed his sleeptime. me? apa lagi.... tido lah! hehe

peace out